As the quote says "There is no sincerer love than the love of food" By George Bernard Shaw

It all started with our home kitchen where we taste and experiment every single dish made at home. Food was quiet special whether it’s during festivals or regular days. Tasty food is always encouraging and something to look forward all the time. From breakfast to dinner it’s a beautiful experience. Food is not just to fill your stomach but it also fills your soul when it’s served with love and that’s what the beauty of eating together as a family, with friends or with like-minded people. Food brings people together !

Our mothers and grandmothers are great source of secret recipes learned from their previous generations and through hard earned experience and experiments. They pass it down to their children and grandchildren. The diversity of the country gives us a great opportunity to taste different types of foods prepared by different communities. It’s amazing ! You would really feel the swift of taste that changes from place to place within a state. That’s the kind of diverse we see in food and culture in India.

Cookmydish is an idea originated from the thought that, it’s important to preserve and handover the treasure of amazing Indian recipes to the next generation and take it to the foodies around world. The digital and social media environment enable us to handle that task very easily and effectively today.

At Cookmydish we make a genuine attempt to research and demonstrate India’s diverse, tasteful recipes curated by popular Celebrity Chefs and Home Chefs thus making the platform an interesting content destination for foodies around the world. We are sure you would find all the information furnished here are useful and help you to learn and experiment healthy and nutritious dishes for your family. Happy Cooking. Enjoy !

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