Play the Game of Angry Birds on your plate

How many of you love to play Angry Birds? We all do, at-least at some point of time we have played this game on our mobile/tablets and enjoyed the game. But have you thought of playing the game in real, I guess so not. Well the good news is, I have got the virtual game live on my plate.

I am sure you and your kids have had desserts that look like angry birds – cupcake, pastries etc.  What instead of desserts, I serve a healthy and tasty meal that reminds you of angry bird. I am sure you want to try it out as well. So here I am presenting an angry bird foodart by making use of Aloo Tikki.

Steps for making the Foodart

  • Place tossed Lettuce in the top right of the plate
  • Place the Aloo Tikki on top of it and make the bird face using cucumber, grapes, tomato and cheese
  • The catapult/ sling shot to be made with bread stick and cheese
  • The building blocks to be made from remaining varieties of bread sticks
  • The Foodart is ready to serve





How to get your kids to eat home cooked food ?

Are you a mom who has to run behind your child so that he eats his food. Or are you the mom who has to play a cartoon on the tablet to get your kids to eat food. Well whatever the situation is, I assure it will change soon if you just follow my steps.
As a mom I understand the pain It takes to provide the right nutrition to your child and sometimes there are days where the kids just create a fuss not because they don’t want to eat but are just bored or too keen in playing . Well my foodart will come to your rescue as kids will be more interested in the plating you have done for them and focus their energy and attention on the plate and enjoy Ghar Ka Khana.
Well, with this note I have prepared a cute little bird made from Roti and French Beans Vegetable.
Steps for making the Foodart
• Take one entire roti and fold the roti from the centre into two equal half
• Stuff the French bean vegetable on one side steadily
• Take one end of the roti and make a tail made from tomatoes
• On the other side of the roti make eyes and beaks using cucumber, carrots and grapes as in the picture
• Make legs made from tomato
• For the base I used poha, but one can also place chopped coriander and shown green
• The food is ready to be served

Watermelon flamingos which will bring a bright smile to your childs face.

One of the most versatile foods of summer season is the Watermelon. There is so much to love about this fruit. You can plan to keep it simple or use it in making salad, juices, granitas etc and much more. Honestly i enjoy the fruit as it is but my lo does not. And so I came up with a fun way to eat watermelon with your kids.

I have crafted a beautiful looking Flamingo made of Watermelon. The perfect pinkish color matches with the Flamingo color and hence this creation is one of my favorite. It’s not only a fun way to eat watermelon but also ensures kids get the right dose of nutrition.

Steps for making the Foodart

  • Google out a cartoon clip art of flamingo on the web
  • Once I selected the design, I just divided the flamingo into 4 parts
    • head
    • neck
    • body
    • legs
  • I cut the watermelon in a two halves
  • I took one of the half side and cut it parallel to the thickness i needed – like a disc shape
  • With basic kitchen knife I made the desired shapes and ensured not a inch of the watermelon should get wasted
  • All I had to do now was assemble the shapes and make a flamingo out of it
  • To give a perfect look to the flamingo I added
    • Apple and Prunes to make a realistic beak
    • And made eyes with a watermelon seed
  • Voila, The Flamingo Watermelon is ready to be eaten.

Well this was one of the fun way to eat watermelon. You can make a boat, mountains and other cartoon character with it. Hope you enjoyed this foodart made with just one ingredient i.e watermelon.

Mumbai Street Food: Lip-smacking foods of Mumbai, straight from the street!

#Mumbaistreetfood #Straightfromthestreet #Neverknownplacestoeat
By : Chef Tipti Kheria Aggarwal

Street food, we all love it and if I have to describe it in just two words, it would be “Super-Addictive”. I’m sure you would agree with that. I’m talking about Mumbai street food, which is known for its exclusivity, aroma, and after taste. Mumbai street food is very inviting and tantalizing with distinct culinary treasures brought by immigrants from all over the country. There are great options for snacks and meals that will blow your mind.

I will be taking you on a tour of Mumbai city, which includes delicious food joints which you may not have heard of. In this blog, I’m talking about a small food stall that serves some flavour some Dabelis. And believe me, it’s one of the best Dabelis. Mr Kaushik Joshi, a man serving dabeli since 14 years has immense fondness for his culture and food. Every day he makes a whopping 180-200 dabelis. Wow! He is truly passionate about his job of serving some Dabelis which according to me is absolutely praise worthy. So let’s move on and quickly get into other details.

About Dabeli: It originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat. It’s a hand snack with a burst of many flavours packed in one small pav. It’s grilled on a tawa, split open and stuffing made with spiced potato mixture or it’s also known as “Aloo kaPuran”, with an addition of special dabeli masala, putting the mixture in a pav, and served with sweet- tangy- spicy chutneys made from tamarind, date, garlic, red chillies, etc. It is garnished with pomegranate, onions, roasted peanuts and fresh chopped coriander.

Location: This Dabeli stall is located near Goregaon Station right outside a store called Jitendra Stores.

Address: Shop No 17, Hirnen Shopping Centre, S V Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai – 400062, Opposite Ratna Restaurant

Contact Details: 9820997113 | 9819961966

Variety: There are two types of dabeli – Jain and Regular; with butter & without butter

Taste: It has a genius blend of softness and crunch, sweet, spicy, tangy and salty

Time: 6 PM – 8.30 PM every day

Cleanliness: 3 Star

Parcel: Yes, no home-delivery service

One best pick: I loved the regular dabeli, this buttery bomb was packed with mixed flavours making it really enjoyable! I am sure now you know where to grab your dabeli from if you are somewhere around in Goregaon.

Cooking is an art combined with Passion, Isn’t it ? Tips that help you make life in the kitchen easy and comfort and of course get the best dishesout !

As they say Cooking is an art combined with passion. It’s important to keep re-inventing more and more tastier options with the food that you are cooking.  At times, same set of ingredients can give us different taste and flavor with a little twist in or a small addition in the recipe.  Our grandmas are masters of this game.  They have spent hours and hours in the kitchen (remember those days the kitchens were not as sophisticated as it is today) to serve the best to their family.  There advises that help cooking easy and convenient that we could adapt into our daily routine.

Happy cooking !


  1. Always cut the onions immersed in water in order to prevent burning sensation and consequent oozing out tears from your eyes.
  2. Always soak rice in lukewarm water with half a tea-spoon of salt for thirty minutes before boiling.  Many people prefer cooking rice without soaking but in that case the rice should be washed at least three to four times with lukewarm water.
  3. While cooking rice add a few drops of fresh lime juice.  It would help in keeping the grains firm and elongated.
  4. While cooking rice add a few drops of fresh lime juice.  It would help in keeping the grains firm and elongated.
  5. Add half a spoon of sugar to the fat like ghee and oil in which spices are browned to get rich brown coloured gravy.
  6. Put the vegetable into lukewarm water first, from the fridge, including lime for the best results.
  7. To prevent discolouring of brinjals, potatoes, bananas etc., while peeling and slicing, keep them immersed in water and add a pinch of salt to the water.
  8. To get best results from saffron, soak it in hot water for a few minutes before use.
  9. When your curry tastes over-salty add a little vinegar or lime juice.
  10. Meat will soften soon if cooked with a piece of raw papaya or a few drops of its juice.
  11. Before cooking the cauliflower, cut it into pieces and immerse into water to which a few drops of vinegar has been added. Let it remain immersed for 15-20 minutes and it will free your vegetable from all insect and dirt.
  12. To prevent the unpleasant and strong odour emerging out of certain vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, etc., while cooking, put into the water in which you want to boil the vegetables a piece of bread wrapped in a muslin cloth.
  13. Certain vegetables like cauliflower, etc., are prone to have some insects and dirt attached to them. To get rid of them, add a few drops of vinegar to the water you are cleaning and washing the vegetables with.
  14. To clean a burnt pan, fill the pan with two to three inches level of water and add one tablespoonful of washing soda and then boil it. Then scrub briskly with a scourer.
  15. Sprinkle a pinch of sugar on a stuffed chicken before roasting in order to obtain pleasant brown colour.
  16. Make the paste of besan (gram flour) and turmeric powder and cover the fish with it before cooking. Keep it as it is for thirty minutes.  Now wash it and use it.  It would eliminate the foul smell emerging from the fish.
  17. Always use cold water or any other cold liquid while mixing the thickening agents like flour, etc., It would prevent lump formation in the flour.
  18. Add hot water only to your gravy, especially when the curry has no thickening agent like besan, etc. It would enhance the flavor of the dish.
  19. In case eggs or flour, etc., are added to a liquid, do it away from the fire. See that the ingredients form a well-blended uniform compound before you put it on fire.  Keep on stirring constantly the contents till the dish is ready.
  20. In cooking green or leafy vegetables it is advantageous to add a pinch of sugar to retain its fresh green colour.



  1. Addition of a few drops of lime juice while cooking rice will help in keeping the grains firm and elongated.
  2. Soy Sauce (Soya Sauce) is a salty flavoring widely used in Chinese cooking. Use light soya sauce in fish, chicken and vegetable dishes, rich soya sauce with meat.
  3. Always rinse under cold running water before using French beansprouts.
  4. Spring Onion tassels make a delicate garnish for Chinese dishes. Choose onions with a thick stem and slim bulb.  Trim to 4-5 inches long. Make 2-3 slits in either end without cutting through the centre.  Leave an iced water for 1 hour to curl, then drain.

Bitter Gourd – Amazing health and beauty benefits !

Healthy heart :

Bitter gourds reduces the bad cholesterol in the body and lower the chance of getting heart diseases. It keeps the blood pressure levels to good scale and maintains our heart healthy.

Liver health :

Blend the bitter gourds with water and squeeze it to separate the juice from it, drink the juice in a regular manner to cure liver problems.

Weight loss :

The antioxidants present in the bitter gourd flush the system and regulates the metabolism rate by which it helps for the weight reduction. It controls the calories levels in a simple manner.

Fight infections :

Boil the leaves of bitter melon and consume it on regular basis for the immune system effective results and also to cure infections.

Kidney care :

Bitter melon poises the healthy bladder and liver. It also cures the stones in the kidney.

Beauty benefits of bitter gourd –
Acne :

Bitter melon will give good treatment for the zits and the acne problems. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of bitter melon fights the acne causing agents.Bitter melon is helpful in treating itching, blood boils, scabies, ring-worm, psoriasis and other fungal diseases. It also fight with the free radicals which are the causers of aging.

Wrinkle treatment :

The serum present in the bitter gourd also helps to cure the wrinkles and fine lines.

Bitter gourd juice for face :

Bitter gourd functions great for any kind of skin texture, extract the juice and apply it to the face for the benefits of healthy skin.

Reduces heat rashes :

To reduces the rashes formed due to heat and direct sun light, take a bitter gourd bath. Extract the juice from the blended bitter gourds and pour two spoons of the juice in water. Repeat it for at least ten days for the natural results.

Samosas From the royal kitchen to the vendor stalls

From the royal kitchen to the vendor stalls, tea time or a trendy party the samosa has its appearance, be it cameo or a lead. Ashoka Jumbo Punjabi Samosas are exclusively hand-made and will bring back memories of your hometown. Now, appease your piquant palate with our Hot – Lahori Style Jumbo Punjabi Samosas or go for our No Onion No Garlic Punjabi Samosa for an overload of just potatoes. Also available Ashoka Mini Samosas in different variants.

Yogific initiates its first Vegan and Yoga Festival in India.

Yogific, a London-based yoga studio, organized a Vegan Food Festival at New Delhi, shedding light on veganism as a lifestyle. Hosting over 40 yoga classes, the festival also promoted vegan culinary delights through its food stalls, offering vegan alternatives to popular cuisines like Italian, Mexican and much more along with vegan fish, vegan mutton and vegan ice creams.

“Going vegan and adopting yoga in a lifestyle entails immense benefits for health and environment. It is a key to overall physical and mental well-being.” said Kriti, the mastermind behind Yogific.

“It is a key to overall physical and mental well-being. Although we have been organising such festivals abroad regularly, it was the inaugural edition in India,” Kriti added.

Along with teaching yoga, Kirti has spoken out and about Veganism in United Kingdom and Poland.

The fitness instructor and vegan yoga teacher was delighted with the overwhelming response to the festival. She plans on taking on more of such initiatives across India in the near future.

Witnessing an event as unique as this was a one-of-a-kind experience, where scrumptious and innovative vegan delights met the peace and serenity of Yoga. Kudos to the Yogific team for taking the efforts for making this experience of veganism a grand success!

Unibic Foods launches range of oats cookies.

One of the pioneering establishments in the cookie segment has launched a range of MyHealthy Variants with high scores on both health and taste quotients.

The MyHealthy Variants includes Ragi with ‘Asli Ghee’, 40% Oats and a gluten-free ‘Wow Cookies’ specially made for the gluten intolerant percent of the population.

These cookies are priced between Rs 30 to Rs 50, available in leading supermarkets across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), Bengaluru, Chennai and Kerala.

This range of Unibic’s  healthy products aims at the maintenance and quality rather than the curative side. This range focuses on selling healthy products that benefit the consumer.

“For premium brands, differentiation and building a brand identity is key and connecting with the new age digital customer through different channels,” said Sreedhar Prasad, a partner at KPMG, India.

Matching to the trend- urban customers not too concerned about the price but care about the flavour, variety and health aspects, Unibic fits right in with its new entrants. Besides, these cookies definitely win when it comes to the nutrition quotient due to its freedom from gluten.

Fish, Sunshine Or Vitamin D in abundance!

The ‘sunshine vitamin’ aka Vitamin D is essential for the body to keep bones and teeth strong and healthy. It plays a major role in regulating and absorption of calcium in the body.

As a matter of fact, calcium makes the bones stronger solely in the presence of Vitamin D.

And By far, fish and its by-products are the best dietary sources of vitamin D.

Researchers have claimed that fatty fishes like salmon and herring contain the highest amounts of Vitamin D.This vitamin, not only enables the body cells to absorb calcium but also ensures the provision of required amounts of calcium for the body.

Accordingly, a single 4 ounce (113 grams) serving of fresh and cooked salmon contains around 100 percent of the recommended vitamin D intake.

Another rich source of vitamin D is the fish oils. Cod liver oil provides more than 200 percent of the recommended vitamin D intake in a single teaspoon!

Altogether, fish and fish products are the best, richest and natural source of Vitamin D.

Peanut and Chocolate Jugalbandi

by Doctor Oetker has managed to heighten the bar for bread spreads by the introduction of a new and ingenious product: Peanut butter chocolate spread.

Peanut Butter Chocolate spread combines the goodness of peanut butter with the world wide love for chocolate. At just the low price of INR 149 (340g) it has managed to grab the attention of lots of customers. People who were new to peanut butter products and were skeptical about it found reassurance in its chocolate flavour and decide to buy it, expanding their market.

The  existing flavours of peanut butter sold by Funfoods are Creamy and Crunchy, with the latest addition of peanut butter chocolate which consists of roasted nuts fused with chocolate. The product sure was a innovative take on standard food spreads and is expected to do well in the Indian market.

Dipping Sauces in unique flavors that spices up anything you eat!

Soulbrings you a new, delicious, mouth-watering range of DIPPING SAUCES in unique flavors that spices up anything you eat! Soul Dipping Sauces are made with Finest quality ingredients and packed in hygienic conditions. That’s not all these sauces are Vegan and Gluten Free, taste great and convenient to use. Available in 4 variants.

The dipping sauces are very good when eaten with Rotis, Naan, Bread and it’s superb accompaniment !!
It’s also available under the brand name ‘Ashoka’ in the US, Canada and UK Markets.