Master Chef Vicky Ratnani is a chef with a difference. Extraordinarily talented and inventive, he combines a magical approach to making and preparing food with great people skills. Colourful, funny and highly original, he brings the most everyday cooking experiences to life. Vicky Ratnani is a Chef, TV host and food connoisseur. His popular TV Show ‘Vicky Goes Veg’ on NDTV Good Times in India was a super hit. A foodie at heart, he is a heady cocktail of flavours, some still undefined. The initial explosive burst of personality & flair is followed through with a wild imagination, delicately layered with sensual middle notes, being excitable, entertaining, inviting, spontaneous & devilish. His comfort with all things ‘food’ bring even the most everyday cooking experience to life - dinner parties take on an epic grandeur and picnic brunches become terrifically fun events. He enjoys talking, cooking, socializing, travelling, , and discovering new flavours every given opportunity.’ His food is an amalgamation of the experiences and tastes he has acquired from his work abroad. It is all about creating dreams and feeding the imagination.


Tipti Kheria Aggarwal is a passionate Foodie and a Chef. I wasn’t a born cook. Not by a long shot. I grew into being a cook. I never had any inclination to cook for myself or for any specific occasion…It was always the ingredients that have given me an idea…thought…inspiration to make something out of the world… Sometimes I was praised for something I cooked and realized I might have a knack, an aptitude, an ability to prepare food. In between the praise, I made a lot of mistakes! Often I was the brunt of jokes born from some culinary fiasco. For me, every time I failed in the kitchen I kept returning to try to correct the failure – attempting to make the recipe better – becoming more efficient and savvy in the kitchen. I wanted to take charge. The kitchen was mine! And frankly, no one was fighting me for it.

For me, embracing cooking helped me fight loneliness and eased me through a really tough time in my life. The act of cooking continues to help me negotiate rough patches in life. It gives me a productive activity that allows me to think things through. I am so grateful at my core to be able to cook.

Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it. Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t.


Coming from a family of food lovers, becoming a chef was destined for Chef Afraz Sheikh.

During my days as a kid, while playing in the kitchen I grew up watching my grandmother cooking and doing catering. Preparing my first dish when I was just 11 years old brought about my love for food. This happened due to my mother’s illness and my sister’s preparation for her SSC exams. Watching cooking Shows brought that Passion of becoming a Chef. As son of a Master home cook (my mom) who always participated and won many cookery competitions, made me what I am today. Studying at the Catering College and the experience it gave me, taught me that cooking is just not working with knives and ladles but it is an Art and Science as well.

A Plate is an empty canvas for a chef where he can bring his ideas, imagination and color and create a master piece. I started my specialization in continental cuisine, and later when I got to know that Indian cuisine is so diverse and has so many cultural and regional cuisines, it got my attention, and now I feel I want to make Indian Cuisine the number one cuisine in the world. Baking was not my forte but if you have passion you can reach miles. Baking taught me patience, hard work and satisfaction. And after experiencing this all, I would really like to innovate and create some exquisite food for the new generation. Which is Modern Indian Food.

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