Cooking is an art combined with Passion, Isn’t it ? Tips that help you make life in the kitchen easy and comfort and of course get the best dishesout !

As they say Cooking is an art combined with passion. It’s important to keep re-inventing more and more tastier options with the food that you are cooking.  At times, same set of ingredients can give us different taste and flavor with a little twist in or a small addition in the recipe.  Our grandmas are masters of this game.  They have spent hours and hours in the kitchen (remember those days the kitchens were not as sophisticated as it is today) to serve the best to their family.  There advises that help cooking easy and convenient that we could adapt into our daily routine.

Happy cooking !


  1. Always cut the onions immersed in water in order to prevent burning sensation and consequent oozing out tears from your eyes.
  2. Always soak rice in lukewarm water with half a tea-spoon of salt for thirty minutes before boiling.  Many people prefer cooking rice without soaking but in that case the rice should be washed at least three to four times with lukewarm water.
  3. While cooking rice add a few drops of fresh lime juice.  It would help in keeping the grains firm and elongated.
  4. While cooking rice add a few drops of fresh lime juice.  It would help in keeping the grains firm and elongated.
  5. Add half a spoon of sugar to the fat like ghee and oil in which spices are browned to get rich brown coloured gravy.
  6. Put the vegetable into lukewarm water first, from the fridge, including lime for the best results.
  7. To prevent discolouring of brinjals, potatoes, bananas etc., while peeling and slicing, keep them immersed in water and add a pinch of salt to the water.
  8. To get best results from saffron, soak it in hot water for a few minutes before use.
  9. When your curry tastes over-salty add a little vinegar or lime juice.
  10. Meat will soften soon if cooked with a piece of raw papaya or a few drops of its juice.
  11. Before cooking the cauliflower, cut it into pieces and immerse into water to which a few drops of vinegar has been added. Let it remain immersed for 15-20 minutes and it will free your vegetable from all insect and dirt.
  12. To prevent the unpleasant and strong odour emerging out of certain vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, etc., while cooking, put into the water in which you want to boil the vegetables a piece of bread wrapped in a muslin cloth.
  13. Certain vegetables like cauliflower, etc., are prone to have some insects and dirt attached to them. To get rid of them, add a few drops of vinegar to the water you are cleaning and washing the vegetables with.
  14. To clean a burnt pan, fill the pan with two to three inches level of water and add one tablespoonful of washing soda and then boil it. Then scrub briskly with a scourer.
  15. Sprinkle a pinch of sugar on a stuffed chicken before roasting in order to obtain pleasant brown colour.
  16. Make the paste of besan (gram flour) and turmeric powder and cover the fish with it before cooking. Keep it as it is for thirty minutes.  Now wash it and use it.  It would eliminate the foul smell emerging from the fish.
  17. Always use cold water or any other cold liquid while mixing the thickening agents like flour, etc., It would prevent lump formation in the flour.
  18. Add hot water only to your gravy, especially when the curry has no thickening agent like besan, etc. It would enhance the flavor of the dish.
  19. In case eggs or flour, etc., are added to a liquid, do it away from the fire. See that the ingredients form a well-blended uniform compound before you put it on fire.  Keep on stirring constantly the contents till the dish is ready.
  20. In cooking green or leafy vegetables it is advantageous to add a pinch of sugar to retain its fresh green colour.



  1. Addition of a few drops of lime juice while cooking rice will help in keeping the grains firm and elongated.
  2. Soy Sauce (Soya Sauce) is a salty flavoring widely used in Chinese cooking. Use light soya sauce in fish, chicken and vegetable dishes, rich soya sauce with meat.
  3. Always rinse under cold running water before using French beansprouts.
  4. Spring Onion tassels make a delicate garnish for Chinese dishes. Choose onions with a thick stem and slim bulb.  Trim to 4-5 inches long. Make 2-3 slits in either end without cutting through the centre.  Leave an iced water for 1 hour to curl, then drain.


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