How to get your kids to eat home cooked food ?

Are you a mom who has to run behind your child so that he eats his food. Or are you the mom who has to play a cartoon on the tablet to get your kids to eat food. Well whatever the situation is, I assure it will change soon if you just follow my steps.
As a mom I understand the pain It takes to provide the right nutrition to your child and sometimes there are days where the kids just create a fuss not because they don’t want to eat but are just bored or too keen in playing . Well my foodart will come to your rescue as kids will be more interested in the plating you have done for them and focus their energy and attention on the plate and enjoy Ghar Ka Khana.
Well, with this note I have prepared a cute little bird made from Roti and French Beans Vegetable.
Steps for making the Foodart
• Take one entire roti and fold the roti from the centre into two equal half
• Stuff the French bean vegetable on one side steadily
• Take one end of the roti and make a tail made from tomatoes
• On the other side of the roti make eyes and beaks using cucumber, carrots and grapes as in the picture
• Make legs made from tomato
• For the base I used poha, but one can also place chopped coriander and shown green
• The food is ready to be served


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