Khari Toast / Puff Pastry Sandwiches

These Appetizer Bites are the perfect little snack to keep guests happy.

Khari Toast / Puff Pastry Sandwiches
Khari Toast / Puff Pastry Sandwiches
  • SERVES 4-5
  • Fresh Puff Pastry
  • Multigrain or Brown Bread
  • Cream Cheese
  • Lemon Zest
  • Fresh dill (herb)
  • 2 Cucumbers, sliced lengthwise
  • 2 Carrots, sliced lengthwise
  • Salt and pepper

Method 1) Mix together Cream Cheese, lemon zest, and dill in a bowl until well combined. Chill until ready to assemble. "

2) Cut each pastry puff square open (horizontally) to create a top and bottom piece of "bread" like a mini sandwich. Remove crusts and cut slices of bread into quarters. Place these bread pieces on pastry puff softly."

3) Spread a tablespoon Cream Cheese spread onto each square of bread."

4) Top with a ribbon of cucumber and carrot, and secure with a toothpick."

) Serve immediately."

Plating / Presentation We will plate each sandwich on white plate or cake stand served with tea and French fries in small basket. Must Have Toothpicks with thermocal balls or any fancy toothpick, white plate or cake stand "

Cooking Tips
  • Avoid your sandwich from falling apart. It is all about the order of your ingredients you placed inside the sandwich. Identify the slippery ingredients like cucumber or tomatoes and keep them aside. Take the spread that you are using, the next layer to come should be the rough leafy greens like Lettuce etc.. Now, layer your slippery ingredients. Make multiple layers alternating between rough greens and slippery ingredients. Now, if you bite into your sandwich the friction between the rough greens and the slippery ingredients would save your sandwich from falling apart. Advisable to not over stuff your sandwich with too many ingredients or sauces. Sprinkle some herbs or seasonings to add the finishing touch. Balance out your flavours. If the ingredients are heavy, pears a toothpick  to avoid your sandwich falling apart.