Pineapple topping on pizza trend nutritious value

Pineapple is known to have great nutritious value. It being manganese, helps the body when it comes to energy formation. Moreover, a single cup contains over 100% of daily recommended manganese intake.

Besides manganese, pineapple also provides Vitamin C and E, which helps build and strengthen your immune system.

Overlooking its nutritious value, does it really make the cut as a topping on our favourite fast food of all times: Pizza?

A recent trend broke out, taking over the internet where millennials argued over their preference of this iconic duo. From lengthy tweets to descriptive Instagram threads, everybody shared their thoughts.


Just like the two sides of the coins, loads of people expressed their love and acceptance of pineapple as a pizza topping while the rest despised it.
This topping battle took an interesting turn when lashing amounts of internet memes started to address this situation. Though this debate received a lot of attention, it was all light-hearted.


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