Play the Game of Angry Birds on your plate

How many of you love to play Angry Birds? We all do, at-least at some point of time we have played this game on our mobile/tablets and enjoyed the game. But have you thought of playing the game in real, I guess so not. Well the good news is, I have got the virtual game live on my plate.

I am sure you and your kids have had desserts that look like angry birds – cupcake, pastries etc.  What instead of desserts, I serve a healthy and tasty meal that reminds you of angry bird. I am sure you want to try it out as well. So here I am presenting an angry bird foodart by making use of Aloo Tikki.

Steps for making the Foodart

  • Place tossed Lettuce in the top right of the plate
  • Place the Aloo Tikki on top of it and make the bird face using cucumber, grapes, tomato and cheese
  • The catapult/ sling shot to be made with bread stick and cheese
  • The building blocks to be made from remaining varieties of bread sticks
  • The Foodart is ready to serve






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