Red ant chutney, not for the weak-willed

The diversity in the cuisine of India needs to introduction along with the rich and unique dishes that people from different state, communities and tribes enjoy.

Bastar tribe of Chattisgarh, has the mainstream chutneys to a whole new level with their crushed red ant chutney.

This spicy paste is made with crushed red ants and their eggs, seasoned with chilli, ginger and salt, with its taste as sharp as an ant bite.

This chutney of red ants is popularly known as ‘Chapura’ in the Bastar region. The sting of this chutney is an indispensable part of the local tribal feasts and is relished by the tribe members.

Apart from the hot and spicy twist of Chapura, it is loaded with medicinal qualities. These ants and their eggs are super rich in formic acid, which has various antibacterial properties that give your immune system a solid boost.


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