Unibic Foods launches range of oats cookies.

One of the pioneering establishments in the cookie segment has launched a range of MyHealthy Variants with high scores on both health and taste quotients.

The MyHealthy Variants includes Ragi with ‘Asli Ghee’, 40% Oats and a gluten-free ‘Wow Cookies’ specially made for the gluten intolerant percent of the population.

These cookies are priced between Rs 30 to Rs 50, available in leading supermarkets across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), Bengaluru, Chennai and Kerala.

This range of Unibic’s  healthy products aims at the maintenance and quality rather than the curative side. This range focuses on selling healthy products that benefit the consumer.

“For premium brands, differentiation and building a brand identity is key and connecting with the new age digital customer through different channels,” said Sreedhar Prasad, a partner at KPMG, India.

Matching to the trend- urban customers not too concerned about the price but care about the flavour, variety and health aspects, Unibic fits right in with its new entrants. Besides, these cookies definitely win when it comes to the nutrition quotient due to its freedom from gluten.


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